Delbos, Peripheral Nerve Blocks on DVD

Delbos, Peripheral Nerve Blocks on DVD

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Autor: Delbos, Alain
Peripheral Nerve Blocks on DVD
2013, Version 3.0
-Upper Limbs
-Lower Limbs

Neuauflage 2013

About the CD-ROM:

Performing nerve blocks is an art, requiring expert ability to localize the nerve before injection. This DVD set, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, demonstrates neural stimulation through narration, slides, tables, and video, which are synchronized with 3D anatomical simulations.  It clearly presents all neural stimulation blocks commonly performed in both the upper and lower limbs, including all single injection and continuous infusion techniques, infraclavicular and interscalene blocks; sciatic nerve, lumbar plexus, and femoral nerve blocks.

New to this edition:

  •     Updated references and MEDLINE abstracts let you review the latest studies and their findings – a great aid in evidence-based decision making



  •     Systematic presentation covers important facets of each procedure – including landmarks, indications, materials, patient positioning, puncture site, common techniques, alternative approaches, anesthetic solution, extent of anesthesia, risks and complications
  •     Customized content for each procedure allows you to view text with static images, narrated 3D animation, or narrated real-patient video
  •     Detailed 3D animation sequences let you see techniques in action, helping you identify relevant anatomy and hone your technique
  •     Narrated full-screen live-patient video sequences highlight each aspect of every procedure, so you never miss a step!
  •     Helpful clinical tips from the experts help optimize your technique and alert you to potential pitfalls.
  •     Convenient hyperlinks let you jump to more detailed information in an instant – without losing your place


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