Kaye, Principles of Neurophysiological Assesment, Mapping and Monitoring

Kaye, Principles of Neurophysiological Assesment, Mapping and Monitoring

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Autor: Kaye, Alan, David; Scott, Davis
Principles of Neurophysiological Assesment, Mapping and Monitoring
1st Edition 2014, 261 p., 174 ill., 118 ill. in color, softcover

About the book:

  •     ​Comprehensive coverage of all concepts in IOM
  •     Organized for classroom presentation or self-study
  •     Builds upon foundational material to explore the practice of IOM
  •     Separate troubleshooting chapter
  •     Clinically relevant and detailed chapters on anatomy and physiology of IOM

Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IOM) is a rapidly evolving field whose practitioners are in great demand but in relatively short supply.  At present there are no formal training programs in IOM, and both technical and professional practitioners, who come from diverse academic backgrounds and experience, must rely on corporate and on-the-job-training.

Successful practitioners at both levels must have foundational knowledge in fields such as anatomy, physiology, electronics, surgery, and anesthesia. While there are some good books that address more complex aspects of IOM, there is a lack of texts that can be used effectively for formal training of IOM technologists and neurophysiologists.

Principles of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring is designed to be used by both students and practitioners, either as part of formal study or for independent learning.  It introduces readers to basic concepts relevant to the practice of IOM and builds upon them to provide comprehensive coverage of the modalities available for monitoring during different types of surgery.

“Focus Boxes” discussing important pathological conditions in relation to anatomy, physiology, and effect on monitoring will appear in appropriate chapters, and all chapters will include questions designed to test the information presented. Whenever practical, problem-based learning and case studies will be included.

The book is aimed at students of IOM (technical and professional) as well as practitioners, surgeons, residents, and anesthesiologists.

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