Hilton, Neuropathology Simplified

Hilton, Neuropathology Simplified

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Autor: Hilton, D.A.
Neuropathology Simplified
1st Edition 2015, 245 p., 129 illus., 123 illus in color, softcover

About the book:

Includes all practically relevant information in a concise format

This book provides the reader with an up-to-date, practical and succinct overview of basic neuropathology. It does not replace large reference textbooks in neuropathology but emphasizes key concepts and basic principles including recent advances, genetics and classification, and discusses important aspects of specific neuropathological disorders. It also gives practical hints on aspects of neuropathology, including how to best use the neuropathology service and interpret the results of pathological tests. The reader will gain a sufficiently broad basic knowledge of neuropathology which will be of use in their future clinical careers.
Neuropathology Simplified is aimed at trainees and residents in neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry around the world. It may also be of use to basic scientists involved in neuroscience research and also to general histopathology trainees and residents.

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