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Atchabahian, Anesthesia Guide
Autor: Atchabahian, Arthur; Gupta, Ruchir Anesthesia Guide 1st Edition 2013, 400 p., 60 illus. ..
39,99€ incl.7% UST
Barbeito, Thoracic Anesthesia
Autor: Barbeito, Atilo; Shaw, Andrew; Grichnik, Katherine Thoracic Anesthesia 1st Edition 2012, 40..
62,00€ incl.7% UST
Brunton, The Goodman & Gilman's Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
Autor: Laurence Brunton, John Lazo, Keith Parker The Goodman and Gilman's Pharmacological Basis of ..
304,00€ incl.7% UST
Butterworth, Morgan  Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiology
Autor: Butterworth, John; Mackey, David C.; Wasnick, John Morgan  Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesi..
69,55€ incl.7% UST
Carmody, Handbook of Critical Care and Emergency Ultrasound
Autor: Carmody, Kristin; Moore, Christopher; Feller-Kopman, David Handbook of Critical Care and Eme..
58,85€ incl.7% UST
Chu, Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review
Autor: Chu, Larry Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review 2nd Edition 2013, 496 p., 50 illus. Abou..
69,50€ incl.7% UST
Crouch, Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Strabismus
Autor: Crouch, Eric. R.;  Strabismus Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology 1st Edition..
77,55€ incl.7% UST
Dershwitz, Anesthesiology Examination and Board Review
Autor: Dershwitz, Mark Anesthesiology Examination and Board Review 7th Edition, 2013, 400 p., 100 ..
828,99€ incl.7% UST
Gallagher, Anesthesia Unplugged
Autor: Gallagher, Christopher Anesthesia Unplugged 2nd Edition 2012, 480 p., 36 illus. paperback ..
112,90€ incl.7% UST
Hadzic's Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Anatomy for Ultrasound-Guid
Autor: Hadzic, Admir Hadzic's Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Anatomy for Ultrasound-Guided Regional An..
179,25€ incl.7% UST
Hadzic, Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management
Autor: Hadciz, Admir Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management 2nd Edition 2016, 1..
240,00€ incl.7% UST
Houck, Handbook of Pediatric Anesthesia
Autor: Houck, Philipp; Hache, Manon Handbook of Pediatric Anesthesia 1st Edition 2014, 400 p. A..
65,30€ incl.7% UST
Kirpalani, Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care
Autor; Kirpalani, Haresh Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care, + CD-ROM 1st Edition 2010, 390 p. ..
58,55€ incl.7% UST
Kovacs, Airway Management in Emergencies
Autor: Kovacs, George; Law, Adam, J. Airway Management in Emergencies 2nd Edition 2011, 332 p.. ..
114,75€ incl.7% UST
Levitov, Critical Care Ultrasonography
Autor: Alexander Levitov, Alexander Levitov, Paul H. Mayo, Paul Mayo, Anthony D. Slonim, Anthony Slo..
194,50€ incl.7% UST